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Reliable Handyman Services Since 1981...

One Stop Home Repair has been offering reliable handyman services including electrical, plumbing, handyman, remodeling and construction services to the Greater Bangor Area for more than 30 years. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with friendly staff. One Call Does It All whether you need a repair or remodel.

No matter how big or small the project, when you work with us we will provide you with peace of mind and confidence that your project will be completed on time and within budget every time.

The mission of One Stop Home Repair is to provide world-class service to commercial and residential clients in the community by providing hassle-free, high quality home repair. One phone call connects all clients with professional licensed, and insured personnel that can handle a wide range of home repair needs with confidence and consistency. One Stop eliminates the stress of home repair and invites their clients to enjoy the camaraderie of a dedicated service provider.


Our team of experts


About Howard

Howard is the General Manager at One Stop Home Repair. He lives in Orono with his dog, Brody, the company mascot. Howard has been to more than 8,000 homes throughout his career. He has expertise in electrical work, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, siding, energy, design, sales and all other aspects of home repair.

In 1980 a family friend of Howard’s noted that there should be handyman services available to Orono. Inspired by the idea, Howard began providing these services. His idea was to give the homeowner one company that would meet all their needs. He called his operation Handy Howie Handyman Service and ran the business out of his home. In 2003 he moved the operation to Stillwater Ave where it is now located and changed the name to One Stop Home Repair to better convey his mission of “No job is too big or too small, One Call Does It All!”

HANDYMANHoward Whelden, Jr (Howie)

About Howard Jr.

Howard Whelden, Jr., (Howie) is the son of Howard, Sr.. Howie grew up around the family business and often helped on many projects. Along the way he picked up a lot of skills pertaining to home repair. In 2001, he officially began working for the company and was excited about the opportunity and eager to learn more about home repair and improve on those skills.

On any given day, you can find Howie working in any or several of One Stop’s divisions: Electric, Handyman, Plumbing and Remodeling. One Stop makes use of his attention to detail that comes with his passion for finish carpentry. He is a valuable lead carpenter. He is also licensed to install, handle and repair natural gas and propane equipment. He is always able and willing to do any job asked of him. This versatility makes him a valued member of the crew.

INTERIOR DESIGNERJennifer Kamwrath, Allied ASID

About Jennifer

Jennifer Kamrath is an Interior Designer. She is also the owner of Second Wind Design, an interior design business providing space analysis, color consultations, and visual coordination as well as full design services to complete any size project. She will be working closely with One Stop Home repair and their customers on projects. Jennifer has over 30 years of experience in the interior design field. She earned her Bachelors degree in Interior Design at Purdue University.

Jennifer worked for Feige’s Interiors in Saginaw, Michigan as an Interior Designer and later as General Manager. As an Interior Designer on staff she assisted clients with their homes in all aspects of design including furnishings, window coverings, accessories and floor coverings. She uses a unique process to develop a plan for you to work from whether you do it all at once or a little at a time, while making sure it fits your lifestyle and budget.

Jennifer enjoys and gets great satisfaction from working with her clients on their projects. The most rewarding aspect of the business is when her client’s friends and families visit their newly remodeled or re-designed room or home and tells them “this reflects you and your family perfectly.”

Call One Stop Home Repair at 866-5690 to receive a complimentary Color Consultation from Second Wind Design to get your project started.


About Phil

Phil has lived in Orono most of his life. He and his wife live in an old family home with their 2 dogs and 2 cats. Phil is an avid outdoorsman who spends his weekends fishing and camping. He enjoys the “family” atmosphere that he and other employees share.

He started working at One Stop Home Repair when Howard still worked out of his garage. Although Phil handles all our plumbing calls, he is very valuable to our handyman and carpentry departments. Phil is always willing to help out and well-liked by employees and customers alike.


About Dave

Since October, you’ve probably seen David Boutot. He lives in Old Town with his girlfriend of 10 years, 2 children and 2 cats.

Inspired to join our team by Phil, Dave wanted to work at One Stop Home Repair because it was the right fit for him. It includes everything he likes doing. Dave can be found on plumbing calls and remodeling jobs.

Dave studied at Eastern Maine Community College in Para-medicine. He also carries multiple certifications from on the job training for remodeling and plumbing.

Dave strives to complete a job on time and within budget and always ensures the customer is satisfied before he moves to his next project. He loves knowing that his customers are pleased with the outcome of his work.

In his spare time, Dave spends time with his 2 children and he also enjoys helping his friends with projects they wouldn’t be able to by themselves.

HANDY"MAN"Lisa Bates

About Lisa

The handy“man” you’ve likely seen in the field is Lisa Bates. Lisa joins us with more than 15 years experience in many aspects of remodeling and weatherization. She lives in Bradley with 4 dogs of all different sizes.

Lisa specializes in weatherization and insulation installation, and painting. She has knowledge on how to handle and remove lead-based products safely. She is familiar with many parts of remodeling and home repair.

Lisa learned a lot about how to repair homes, through working with many people who work in the same or similar fields as well as fixing up her own home. By working with Penquis Cap, her qualifications and certifications have been kept up to date.

Lisa is always cheerful and always looks forward to having something to do, and loves working with her “excellent co-workers”.

In her spare time, Lisa enjoys spending time with her grandchildren and working on several of her home projects.


About Mark

Mark joins us from Bangor. He has been working for our team since August 2015.

When Mark was 16 years old, he began working for a cabinet maker. Later on, he moved on to other construction aspects. He brings 25 years of experience. Mark’s specialties are installing doors and windows, and quality finish carpentry. Mark is typically working on estimates and doing finish carpentry.

One Stop Home Repair’s stability and growth attracted Mark desire to work here.

Mark most enjoys making customers happy and building the trust of his co-workers.  He is eager to help One Stop Home Repair continue to grow.


About Bob

Robert Fago is our master electrician.  He lives in Brewer with his wife, family and 2 cats.

Bob brings 40 years of experience to One Stop Home Repair. He has an AAS from Eastern Maine Community College focused on Electrical Automation. Prior to One Stop, Bob worked as a Marine Electrician and an Industrial Electrician.  For most of his career, Bob has worked in commercial and residential settings.

Bob loves working with customers and likes using his excellent trouble-shooting skills  to ensure all your electrical problems are solved and that you have the safest electrical system.

In his spare time, Bob enjoys spending time with his family and riding his Harley. On Mondays and Wednesdays he teaches Basic Electricity II and Blueprint Reading at EMCC.

HANDYMANWayne Paschal

About Wayne

Bangor resident, Wayne Paschal joined our team in June 2016. He brings 25 years of experience to One Stop.

Wayne’s experience was learned from “old timers” in the trades. His profound experience makes him a valuable member of our crew.

At One Stop Home Repair, he can primarily be found doing kitchen and bathroom remodels or repairs, as well as siding, structural repair and painting.

Wayne loves knowing that his completed work improves the lives of the people he works with.

Wayne has a water garden with a lot of nice landscaping. He enjoys working on that with his children and grandchildren.

CARPENTERWillis Dunton (Will)

About Will

We are excited to introduce our new carpenter, Willis (Will) Dunton. He joins us from Old Town with 28 years of experience.

Will began learning his trade as a teenager. He gained hands-on experience in many aspects of  building maintenance with many reputable contractors, including a boat building company.

Whenever One Stop is in need of a carpenter, Will is up for the task, from repairs to complete framing and finish work.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, watching football and exercise.

Our Office Staff


About Tracy

Tracy Stevens lives in Corinth with her husband. She has 2 children, 1 grandchild, as well as 2 cats. Tracy attended Eastern Maine Community College and earned her Associates Degree in Digital Graphic Design. She earned her Associates Degree in Computer Information Management at Beal College. In addition to her formal education, Tracy has a strong background in customer service.

The customer service experience helps Tracy as she handles incoming phone calls. She also books appointments and helps with various office duties. Tracy finds talking with customers and helping them solve their problems most rewarding.

In her spare time, Tracy enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and fooling around on her computer.


About Bob

Paul grew up in Orono and has known Howard most of his life. After completing high school, Paul earned his certificate in Computer Repair at Eastern Maine Community College. He lives in Brewer.

Paul underwent some training to use the state-of-the-art estimating program, Xactimate. This training has been an asset to Howard in completing the estimating procedure. Paul is the creator of the newsletter, One Stop Shop News and the Facebook page and he manages both.

In his free time, he is reading, writing, watching documentaries or trying to find a horror film that will really scare him, on Netflix. Although it is not easy, he has been successful in finding a horror film that genuinely scared him!  Paul also likes scoping new tricks in Ubuntu Linux. Weather and time permitting, Paul enjoys random adventures.


About Wayne

In August 2017, One Stop Home Repair welcomed Kathy Herbest. Kathy joins us from Milo, with more than 10 years of business experience. She lives with her husband, and their rat terrier, dog, named Molly. Molly likes to “terrorize” them, which is really just love rat terrier style.

From 1994-1996, Kathy attended Beal College. She graduated with an Associates Degree and credentials for Medical Secretary work. Throughout her career, she has worked in several office settings. In many of them, her duties were to schedule patients at doctors’ offices. As One Stop Home Repair was very much in need of a dedicated dispatcher, her scheduling background brings yet one more element of professionalism to our growing company.

More often than not, when you call the office, the cheerful voice you’ll hear over the phone will be Kathy’s. She is the go-to person to get your scheduling needs heard. She is also the office assistant for all field technicians, to help ensure that your projects run smoothly.

Kathy loves to learn about and implement new or improved office procedures that will make the office run more smoothly. Above all, Kathy loves to make everyone she works or talks with smile.

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