What is a Heat Pump?

The heat pump is currently the most energy efficient heating system available. It runs in conjunction with your standard heating system to make your home more efficient and to prevent ice dams. It operates by transferring air from one location to another and it can be used as an air conditioner during the summer months. Our customers have told us they are enjoying the dramatic decreases in their fuel bills.

What is Green Energy Barrier?

Green Energy Barrier offers a cost effective solution for homeowners looking for ways to conserve energy and save money. Unlike typical insulation, which only resists heat, our reflective attic insulation reflects heat, by acting as a radiant heat barrier. The result is comfortable home temperatures and energy savings throughout the year.

Do you work with insurance companies?

Yes, One Stop Home Repair has years of experience working with insured homeowners and their insurance companies after major and minor losses. Homeowners are assigned a Single Point of Contact (POC) who specializes in repair or/and replacement after a loss. One Stop Home Repair uses nationally recognized estimating software and has worked with many of the major insurance companies. NO JOB TOO SMALL. 24/7 Coverage. WATER AND FIRE RESTORATION AND MITIGATION SERVICES. Services Provided: Smoke Damage, Mitigation, Mold Remediation, Board-Ups, Structural Repairs, Smell Remediation, Repair or Replace, Roofing, Dry Outs, Rot Repair.

What is Disability Retrofitting?

Remodeling a home can be daunting even under ideal circumstances. But combined with the stress of a sudden injury, the need to care for an aging family member or sensory loss due to a disease, the prospect of a big retrofitting project can be overwhelming. One Stop Home Repair i​s here to help.For physical disabilities, most people start by improving the external access to their home, rehanging doors to swing outward, moving into a ground-floor bedroom and modifying one bathroom. An outside ramp, better lighting and a few grab bars in the bath can make a huge impact on a person’s privacy and safety. Open, curbless showers, a handheld sprayer, and adjusted toilet heights or a toilet lift are other changes that can help and don’t have to require a second mortgage. Additionally, many are able to access state and federal funding to help with such projects.

What forms of payment do you take?

We gladly take cash, check, debit and credit cards that are Master Card, Visa or Discover.

Our Service Area

We’ll go wherever we’re needed subject to availability.

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